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Old EA is dying. Legacy enterprise technology management no longer makes the cut. Exponentially growing business complexity needs a new approach to simplification and time-to-value.

The new era requires new thinking. Dare to be different.

Webinar on Security Architecture with the Norwegian Police and Ardoq

Join us for our Webinar on Security Architecture as a Business Driver...

By Allekta Ilinca Hatu

Inside Look: What our customers say about Ardoq’s 5*-rated service

Customer support is, generally speaking, not the primary consideration when...

By Ian Stendera

New EA is about real-time augmented intelligence, not architecture

When it comes to EA, the value of adapting to change and implementing more...

By Petteri Vainikka

Ardoq by Gartner: Addressing GDPR compliance with AI applications

Ardoq is proud to have been selected by Gartner as a leading AI-driven...

By Petteri Vainikka

Introducing Quick Filters

Quick Filters, or, as we like to call it, the “Living Legend”, introduces a ...

By Ian Stendera

AI spy with my little eye: uncovering what AI is, and what it isn’t

The term ‘artificial intelligence’ is on everyone’s lips. But what exactly...

By Magnulf Pilskog

Five reasons your organization needs an EA tool

Let’s face it — if your organization already has access to spreadsheets and...

By Petteri Vainikka

An introduction to EA, and how to avoid common prejudices

Today’s enterprise architects have been burdened with labels and...

By Magnulf Pilskog

What to look for in a modern EA tool

Enterprise architecture has changed, and so too have the tools of the trade....

By Magnulf Pilskog

Are you willing to waste $1 million annually on GDPR compliance?

GDPR compliance is high on the agenda of all EU businesses, but are you...

By Petteri Vainikka

The three things that matter most in the new age of enterprise architecture

For many years, enterprise architecture was a discipline shrouded in...

By Magnus Valmot

Creating structured GDPR compliance documentation

GDPR is an ongoing process, so having accurate documentation that can be...

By Magnus Valmot

How to become GDPR Compliant without consent

Now, we must get ready to embrace the age of the agreement economy.

By Petteri Vainikka

Tags and models: the only master data methodology you need

If your master data is being managed poorly, the road to business success...

By Kristian Helgesen

This is why Domain Experts are integral to GDPR Compliance

Domain experts should be at the heart of your compliance efforts, both now...

By Magnus Valmot

The real work to be GDPR compliant has only just begun

With the deadline now gone, you can be forgiven for thinking that talk of...

By Magnus Valmot

GDPR templates for gap analysis

When it comes to compliance, half of the battle can be won by having in...

By Magnus Valmot

Visualizing Docker Compose with Ardoq

Learn how to save time, increase accuracy, and boost your business’...

By Petteri Vainikka

Dynamic database seeding with Docker

Working with Docker can help your business utilise data more effectively and...

By Magnulf Pilskog

Visualizing Swagger API documentation

Why our association with Swagger makes sense for us, and for you.

By Petteri Vainikka

Documenting a complex legacy integration project with Excel

Discover how the lessons of yesterday have informed the solutions of today.

By Magnulf Pilskog

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