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Old EA is dying. Legacy enterprise technology management no longer makes the cut. Exponentially growing business complexity needs a new approach to simplification and time-to-value.


Lock in more value from projects

I spent the first half of my career as a management consultant, working with...

By Magnus Valmot


Connect Ardoq with the SaaS eco-system through...

Your sales process is at the core of your business, and anything that impacts...

By Magnulf Pilskog


Enterprise Architecture Tool: Three New Challenges

How ‘awake’ is your EA tool vendor?

By Edward Granger


Overwhelming tasks that most EAs face and how...

A practical approach to maintaining living documentation

By Eric Kloster


1st of April: Ardoq & InterPal join forces to...

Mysteries solved with Ardoq

By Lasse Berg


Ardoq named a Strong Performer in EAMS by an...

We’re proud to be listed amongst the top 10 providers of Enterprise...

By Erik Bakstad


Forrester Research recognizes Ardoq Intelligence...

Ardoq, synonymous with New EA, is proud to be selected as midsized Enterprise...

By Petteri Vainikka


Are you in control of your business?

As digital evolves, it’s unleashing forces that are notoriously difficult to...

By Petteri Vainikka


How can organizations demonstrate the value of EA?

Revealed: what IT leaders really think of the value of new EA.

By Petteri Vainikka

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