Webhooks & Conditional Component Formatting - Our Holiday Gifts to You

20 Dec 2016

by John Sloat

Happy Holidays! We agonized over what to get for you (you’re tough to shop for, you know), but in the end, we decided a handmade present would show you how much we care. Let’s unwrap.

Holiday for you

Webhooks (beta)

We’ve implemented a beta version of webhooks, and it’s currently open to testers – just submit your email below to request access.

We’ve always offered a REST API to give you direct access to your data, but webhooks introduces a new capability that lets you subscribe to and act on changes that happen in Ardoq.

Rest API

Webhooks can be used to build sophisticated integrations with Ardoq, and makes integration that needs to synchronize state or react to changes in Ardoq a lot easier to write. We’re excited to see what creative uses our users come up with using them.

To sign up for beta access, please submit the email address associated with your Ardoq account:


Conditional Component Formatting (released)

Conditional component formatting is an extension of the filtering functionality of Ardoq. But instead of showing or hiding components, with conditional formatting the matching components are set to the color you choose.

Ardoq conditional formatting filter settings

Set component color based on component properties. 

This is nice for creating heatmaps – you can set color gradients for things that are critical, expensive, risky, etc. Like webhooks, we have some use cases in mind for this feature, but are very excited to see what our users use it for.

Component that don't match any conditional formatting

Components that don’t match any conditional formatting show up as gray.

This feature is live in production and ready for you to play with.

That’s a Wrap ( Bad joke eel )

Let us know how you like your presents – hopefully they make you feel like this:

Cheers to a new year,
Team Ardoq