Ardoq and SANDS legal firm enter partnership

SANDS legal partnership announced
Oslo, November 9th, 2017

Norwegian corporate law firm SANDS has entered into a partnership with Ardoq. SANDS will use Ardoq as a platform to advise clients in building effective GDPR compliance programs.

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with the Norwegian law firm, SANDS (Advokatfirmaet Steenstrup Stordrange DA). SANDS is a full service corporate law firm with leading expertise within all areas of corporate law, and with a significant focus on technology. They are one of Norway’s largest law firms with over 140 lawyers, many of whom have international and industry experience.

We were fortunate enough to have the SANDS technology team, represented by senior lawyer Simen Evensen Breen, provide insights in our webinar on GDPR compliance projects, and look forward to more collaboration on outreach in the future.

SANDS has a strong focus on data protection law, and sees a great increase in demand for legal advice on this field primarily as a result of the GDPR. SANDS’ data protection and technology team assists companies across several business sectors with GDPR and personal data protection compliance, including, for example, within the health, finance, retail and technology/IT sectors.

SANDS’ experience is that tools enabling visualization of data processing may be of great value in GDPR implementation projects, especially in companies with complex or large-scale processing. With an increasing focus on GDPR compliance cases and clearly seeing the value of visualization tools, SANDS has chosen Ardoq as the tool of choice to recommend.


“Considering our experience with clients working towards GDPR compliance, we expect many companies will find Ardoq to be an excellent tool to help them first map out the current reality of their organization, then to identify gaps in compliance that need to be addressed before May 2018. We’re very happy to announce this formal partnership and to continue working with Ardoq on GDPR projects and beyond.”

Simen Evensen Breen, Senior Lawyer, SANDS

“While we believe Ardoq to be extremely well-matched to the demands of a complex compliance project, our customers will need legal expertise and experience that a firm like SANDS can provide to appropriately define scope and strategy for their GDPR projects. In addition to shaping our own thoughts about how to approach GDPR projects, SANDS has provided guidance to our customers that informs their decisions about how to structure their data in Ardoq and what risks to prioritize. We’re looking forward to continuing our work together to make sure customers get both the right advice and the right platform to best prepare them for GDPR enforcement starting in May 2018.”

Magnus Valmot, CEO, Ardoq

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