Capgemini partnership takes aim at GDPR readiness

Capgemini partnership announced
Oslo, February 28, 2017

Technology consulting company Capgemini Norway will leverage the Ardoq platform to document and support projects ranging from digital transformation to GDPR readiness by implementing security by design.

Capgemini has one of the most experienced architect communities in the world. They have delivered incredible value to their clients by transforming their digital visions into coherent architectures.

GDPR Readiness

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In May 2018, a new data privacy regulation called the GDPR will go into effect. At that point, any business that collects or processes user data in the EU will be subject to the regulation, and the steep associated fines. The regulation marks a broadened scope of European digital privacy laws, which will soon apply to businesses outside the EU.

In anticipation of this, both Capgemini and Ardoq have prioritized providing services for GDPR audit readiness. With Capgemini’s seasoned consulting expertise and Ardoq’s agile approach to capturing business insights, the companies hope their new partnership will result in valuable insights for their customers’ preparations towards GDPR readiness.

As the result of collaborating on the first GDPR projects Ardoq and Capgemini have developed a standardized package which can be rolled out rapidly to new and existing customers. Capgemini is working on a standard set of guiding materials that will support stakeholders to share insights into their current status in regards to GDPR compliance. This GDPR readiness package is an evolving collaboration between Ardoq and Capgemini.


“Working with Ardoq over the last 12 months has been an eye-opener. The level of insight we get by using Ardoq helps us to understand and discuss our concerns in a meaningful way.

Using my experience in security and architecture to support the evolution of Ardoq has been a tremendous journey. I have started to realize many years of ideas – to make information security by design, and to derive security goals directly from business goals. Having everything documented and up-to-date in Ardoq has been a game changer for helping enterprise and security architects communicate with CxOs.”

Thorbjørn Ellefsen, Cybersecurity Lead, Capgemini Norway

“We’ve worked closely with Capgemini for a long time, and they have provided invaluable insight into customer needs. We’re very excited to enter into a formal partnership with them, and look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Magnulf Pilskog, CEO & Co-founder, Ardoq

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