i-LUDUS and Ardoq enter partnership

i-LUDUS partnership announced
Oslo, September 13, 2017

Belgian GDPR and innovation consulting firm i-LUDUS has entered into a partnership with Ardoq. i-LUDUS will use Ardoq’s structured, visual documentation capabilities to support their role as external DPOs.

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with i-LUDUS, a Belgian consulting firm with a focus on GDPR-compliant Data Protection Officer (DPO) services and innovation training. i-LUDUS acts as an external DPO for SMEs to help them implement privacy friendly and GDPR-compliant innovations.

As GDPR enforcement looms closer, companies around the world are making changes to their internal processes and systems to ensure they are compliant. Many of the tools and services being sold as GDPR solutions target large enterprises with large budgets. For many SMEs, however, the time and resources required for compliance can be a burden. For companies in this situation, i-LUDUS acts as an external DPO– providing enterprise compliance leadership with none of the organizational overhead.

i-LUDUS will use Ardoq as a platform to document their clients’ systems, data flows, and processes, then use that foundation to perform GDPR gap analyses and other work that the role of a DPO entails. Together, we offer a unique and forward-looking solution for SMEs to use GDPR compliance as a foundation to further understand and improve their organizations.


“Ardoq is a scalable and centralized documentation platform. As a SaaS solution, Ardoq simplifies and supports collaboration during the process of creating and sharing documentation, making it a powerful tool for distributed teams. Ardoq is not bound to major frameworks or complex standards. This makes the platform widely applicable for project management, IT documentation, business process management, lean six sigma analyses, GDPR documentation, risk management, etc.

One of Ardoq’s competitive advantages is their intelligent real-time algorithms that instantly transform simple data input into interactive visualizations. Using these interactive visualizations, complex patterns and dependencies quickly become visible and understandable, and cross-departmental discussions across different levels of expertise become easier.

i-LUDUS is therefore very pleased that we can work intensively with Ardoq through a partnership. We look forward to inspiring our customers and delivering top-level service with the help of Ardoq’s new, innovative and accessible form of high quality documentation.”

Dietrich Heiser, Founder, i-LUDUS

“GDPR will require companies to increase their knowledge and competencies regarding privacy, data protection and compliance processes. For companies over a certain size, this responsibility might reside in-house. For many SMEs, a more cost effective solution to getting access to specialist compliance competency could be to work with an external DPO.

This approach offers the benefit of getting a trained Data Protection professional to ensure continuous compliance. i-LUDUS is exactly such a company, offering their services to companies that need expert help in addressing GDPR. We’re proud that they’ve chosen Ardoq as a platform for their GDPR efforts, and look forward to aiding them in their goal of delivering innovation and DPO services to SMEs.”

Magnus Valmot, CEO, Ardoq


To learn more about I-LUDUS, visit https://i-ludus.net/ or contact info@i-ludus.be.

For more information, please contact:

Magnus Valmot CEO
+47 481 61 772