PwC and Ardoq enter partnership




PwC and Ardoq have entered a non-commercial partnership. With this partnership, PwC has strengthened its toolbox with a world class documentation platform that can be adapted to its clients’ varying documentation requirements without subjecting them to huge frameworks or complicated standards.

Thanks to Ardoq’s collaborative features and interactive visualizations, PwC can deliver even greater value to its clients. The partnership is the result of several successful projects in which PwC has utilized Ardoq to solve specific customer challenges that have required a feature-rich documentation platform.

In a recent architecture and program management project for a Nordic mail and logistics company, the client chose Ardoq’s cloud solution to create dynamic project documentation. Ardoq allows multiple stakeholders to collaborate on mapping project phases and milestones, then enabling them to set up custom visualizations to accommodate for their exact requirements. These visualizations combine properties and dependencies to communicate efficiently to the various business entities how and when specific project milestones will impact on them.

Ardoq gains great value from PwC’s domain expertise, expansive experience, and in-depth insight into customer needs.


“We have found that Ardoq is a lightweight and flexible application that can be adapted to meet our customers’ project requirements. We look forward to working with Ardoq on bringing this time-saving application to life. It’s fun to work with too.”

Jan Fredrik Stoveland-Alfsen. Senior Manager, PwC

“We’re very proud that a recognized Professional Services Firm such as PwC sees the value and market potential in Ardoq. We believe that this partnership will provide value for their projects, for our product development efforts, but most of all for customers who can tap into the shared competencies and offerings of both firms. We’re really excited about this!”

Magnus Valmot. CEO, Ardoq

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