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New EA | Old EA is dying. Legacy enterprise technology management no longer makes the cut. Exponentially growing business complexity needs a new approach to simplification and time-to-value.


Overwhelming tasks that most EAs face and how...

A practical approach to maintaining living documentation

By Eric Kloster


Ardoq named a Strong Performer in EAMS by an...

We’re proud to be listed amongst the top 10 providers of Enterprise...

By Erik Bakstad


What can EA learn from Uber?

Technology will continuously innovate and present us with new opportunities,...

By Lasse Berg


Why EA needs its own blockchain revolution

Contributing author: Edward Granger, Independent Enterprise Architect. The...

By Petteri Vainikka


Is EA art or science?

Or to put it another way, is your EA visually-driven or data-driven?

By Petteri Vainikka


Tom-Kenneth Fossheim, CTO at Fjordkraft,...

Digital transformation is much more than a face lift — it requires a rethink of...

By Petteri Vainikka


New EA is about real-time augmented intelligence,...

When it comes to EA, the value of adapting to change and implementing more...

By Petteri Vainikka


What to look for in a modern EA tool

Enterprise architecture has changed, and so too have the tools of the trade....

By Magnulf Pilskog


The three things that matter most in the new age...

For many years, enterprise architecture was a discipline shrouded in mystery....

By Magnus Valmot

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